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Axife Mouse Recorder 6.0.2

Imagen Axife Mouse Recorder 6.0.2
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    axife software

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    Windows 2000

  • Updated:

    January 04, 2021

  • "Record mouse click sequences to run them"

Do you repeat the same actions every time your computer is turned on, in a multitude of programs that start at the same time as Windows?

You can continue to do them repeatedly or install a tool on your computer to make your work easier, such as Axife Mouse Recorder. This application will allow you to speed up your movements so as not to waste time as this is gold. Basically, this simple tool that even the most novice can use consists of repeating the actions that you have programmed previously.

To start using it, simply click on record, perform the actions you want to automate, and click on stop again. The play button will then be used for the repeat.

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